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The North Star Package

The North Star home design offers innovative and elegant solutions to transform your living space, blending functionality with style for a perfect home.

North Star

Immerse yourself in the idyllic splendor of countryside serenity with our stunningly crafted three-bedroom, three-bathroom prefabricated home in the heart of Ontario!

Boasting a contemporary farmhouse aesthetic, this home is designed with an expansive, sun-soaked open floor plan.

The North Star design uniquely promises both stylish elegance and peak functionality for everyday life.

Standard Floor Plan

Main Floor


Upper Floor


Immerse yourself in the seamless fusion of elegance and timeless charm that this home exudes, as chic meets classic in a symphony of design.

Picture a space that masterfully intertwines the quaint allure of a rustic, country abode with the sleek comforts that define modern living.

Step into the expansive open floor plan of the North Star!


North Star – Great Room Area


North Star – Custom Chic Kitchen

This is a home that welcomes you to a hearth of warmth and style, creating the ideal backdrop for lively social gatherings or your peaceful solitary retreat into serenity.

Let your senses be caressed by a color palette that paints tranquility in strokes of crisp white, soft wooden hues, and hints of an embracing ambiance.

It all culminates wonderfully in a country home feel that’s unmistakably edged with contemporary sophistication.


North Star – Interior Customization


North Star – Exterior Back Area

Embrace timeless elegance with the evergreen charm of farmhouse chic — a style that never fades.

Imagine running your hands along the rugged textures of shiplap walls and the warmth of natural wood floors that infuse spaces with real depth and character.

Picture yourself in a home where modern state-of-the-art fixtures promise an oasis of tranquility and luxury at every turn.

The spacious, flowing expanses of a bespoke open living area culminate in a two-story abode that’s more than just adapted to Ontario’s lifestyle — it’s the epitome of it!

The Advantages of Choosing Prefab


Affordability is a significant advantage of prefab homes, making them an attractive option for many potential homeowners. The manufacturing process of prefab homes allows for bulk purchasing of materials, streamlined production, and reduced labor costs, which in turn lowers the overall cost of the home.

Quality Control

The Quality Control of state-of-the-art prefab factories tends to be higher, leading to better-constructed homes when compared to traditional builds. Additionally, prefab homes are known for their energy efficiency, thanks to better-sealed seams and the latest in sustainable building materials.

Customizable Designs

In Ontario, the customizable designs of prefab homes are particularly appealing to potential homeowners seeking both innovation and personalization. The province's diverse architectural landscape allows for unique prefab options that range from sleek and modern to more traditional aesthetics.


Durability is a crucial factor for homeowners in Ontario, where weather conditions can vary dramatically, from hot summers to harsh, snowy winters. Prefabricated homes in this region are designed with these climatic challenges in mind.


The eco-friendly nature of prefab homes in Ontario is yet another compelling benefit that attracts potential homeowners. Our homes are designed with sustainability in mind, utilizing green building materials that reduce the negative impact on the environment.

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