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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

See below for some frequently asked questions about building your cottage with


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A modular or prefab cottage-home is a factory-built home estate.  Our custom home designs are built in a state-of-the-art facility.  Once built, the home is then transported directly to the lot of your choice, where it is completed (assembled) on-site!

Too many wonderful features to name!  Depending on what you’re looking for, we can provide a fully finished cottage or home – with a great deal of customizable options!  At then end of the day, you’ll just need to add your own furniture to enjoy.

Prices vary depending on where in Ontario you are choosing to build.  We do however, list many of our preconfigured (standard) models for reference!  You can find them here.  Also, depending on the design and customizable options chosen, the prices will change.  The best and easiest way to get an accurate pricing estimate would be to call or email us.  You can also schedule a free, no-strings-attached consultation with us.

Prefabrication as a build-method offers huge advantages over conventional construction. Our streamlined process ensures there is far less time from project start to completion.  For example, our state-of-the-art facility uses a climate controlled environment.  This not only significantly reduces costs and waste, but it is also environmentally friendly! Finally, the cost-savings we mentioned gets passed directly on to you.  We sell at a significantly fairer, lowered and firm price.  Moreover, many of our designs can be completed in weeks, not years!  These are all benefits you simply won’t get from traditional builders!

On average, it takes 5-9 months from your first deposit until you can move in.  Again, this will vary depending on the complexity of your project.  The more complex or exotic your needs, the longer it may take us to bring your project to completion.

Absolutely!  Energy efficiency is our specialty!  We also offer pre-installed advanced insulation systems.  Further, building a prefab cottage or home with us ensures the highest quality and attention to detail.  The building envelope is meticulously sealed.  We absolutely guarantee the cold stays out!

As long as you own the lot, anywhere in Ontario!

Absolutely!  None of our homes are ever built alike!  Everyone has their own particular needs and lifestyle.  We encourage you to consider all of the options at your disposal and make changes as you see fit.  After all, we want your home to compliment your lifestyle perfectly!

All of our designs -while fully customizable- are specifically built to meet any and all Municipal and Provincial building codes within your chosen area.  No matter your location, we help to ensure sure you’re covered!

In honesty, we are a dedicated custom prefabricated builder.  From experience, we know it is a better, more efficient way to build in Ontario.  Depending on your chosen custom home design, we may look at different options.  This may include pre-built portions or on-site construction.  It’s all tailored to your specific needs and wants!

In our prefabrication process, waste is separated and actively recycled.  Moreover, construction occurs in a tighter timeline than it would with traditional build methods. 

In effect this:

  1. Lowers associated build-material costs. 
  2. Prevents materials going to waste.
  3. Lowers labor costs.
  4. Shortens project build times.
  5. Saves huge amounts of valuable time and resources for everyone involved.

In fact, prefabrication as a process allows for more energy-efficient homes and cottages to be built.  In general, you could say this is the process of the future – with smarter buildings being constructed using a better methodology (and in a shorter time frame).

Each cottage or home is delivered by way of specialized flatbed trailers.  Upon arrival, we then make use of a comprehensive crane system to position your cottage or home – precisely where you want it on your lot!

Absolutely not.  While we do offer a growing selection of readily available designs, you can always modify an existing plan!  We build to suit your lifestyle – whatever that may look like.  You can even bring us your own unique design and we will assess getting it built for you as soon as possible!

Of course.  Our clients are always provided with preliminary plans as a reference point.  Upon review, you may decide that you wish to customize or change certain aspects of your build.  These changes are welcome and we will be happy to accommodate you!  Just bear in mind that it takes time for us to compile those changes into a detailed floor plan!

Of course.  Anyone interested can contact us to get the process started!  However, we have to report that we are experiencing a huge influx of new clients.  

We believe in a first-come first-serve approach.  If you want something built, the best thing to do is get started with us as soon as you can!  There’s no obligation whatsoever when you’re just starting out!  We’d love to hear your homely ambitions, visions and ideas! 

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Planning Your Dream Home

Most of our clients report a moment of stark realization. They required a professional prefab home builder when the blueprint of their dream home started to take shape in their minds. Finding themselves embarking on a venture that required more than just a vision is a shock. They needed fast expertise, finesse and a deeper understanding of the nuances of real estate and the construction industry in Ontario.


A Smart Real Estate Investment

Many of our clients realized their journey towards investment in Ontario’s real estate began with a profound desire to create a place they can truly call their own. They envisioned a prefab home, not just as an investment, but as a manifestation of their aspirations. The process, however, often involves complexities and intricacies that need professional intervention. That is where we come in!

There’s no better time to embrace this modern, sustainable way of living — why delay?

Experience the future of home construction today with a customizable prefab design from My Own Cottage.

Contact us today and let’s embark on this exciting journey together.

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